Diy Vanity Mirror

Mamas, how many of us have a lighted vanity mirror on our wishlist? Lately we’ve seen them everywhere, from our favorite youtube vloggers videos, to advertisement for them all over. However, they can be quite pricey and I don’t know about you but I can find better things to do with $300 then buy a mirror. That still didn’t stop me from wanting one, so I decided to do some research and learned how to make my own. It turned out to be super easy and fast to make, so I wanted share with all of you!

Things you need:


2 Vanity light Bars

2 extension cords

2 packs of 12lb command strips

Light bulbs


First you need to find a mirror size that you will fit in your space. I got my frame less mirror from home depot, it is 24 x 30 and only cost me 18 (before tax). My mirror will sit on my vanity table and I attached my vanity light bars to the actual mirror (so I wouldn’t have to put holes in our wall). Next comes the rewiring of the vanity bar I (got my vanity bars from Walmart for $10 a piece.) and although that sounds tough its actually pretty easy.

Rewiring Vanity Light Bar:

First, you have to unscrew all of the caps that holds down the top of the vanity bar. Once you have unscrewed them, and taken off the top of the vanity bar, the inside wires will be exposed.

You will then push your bar to the side and grab your scissors and extension cord. You will take your extension cord and cut off the adapter part. Then you cut down the middle of the extension cord to slightly separated them. Next, you want to take your scissors and gently cut a inch of the tubing around the wire off of your cord. Be VERY CAREFUL when you are doing this step because you don’t want to cut off the actual wire.


***The next steps are very important, you want to make sure that you are connecting the correct cord from your vanity bar to the correct cord from your extension cord. Once you have separated your extension cord in half, you will feel a difference in the textures of the rubber tubing around the cord. One side is very smooth, while the other side has ridges on them. You will connect your smooth cord with the BLACK vanity cord, you will do so by twisting the wires together. Then you will take your cord with the ridges and twist them together with the WHITE cord. Look inside of your vanity light box, you should find some orange cones .Place a orange cone on top of each of the wire cord that you have connected. This part is very important and please do not skip, they prevent your wires from crossing paths and potentially creating a fire.Once you are done, you may place the top of your vanity bar back in place and screw your caps back on.

To check if you have done the wiring correctly, screw your light bulbs in and plug in your bar to the wall. After you have checked to see if your lights are working, unscrew your light bulbs and place your vanity bar upside down. Place 3 large command strips($3.88 a pack at Walmart) on the back of my mirror and then attach it to your mirror.

TA-DA you have an amazing vanity mirror. I posted pictures of my complete vanity table set-up, so you ladies can have ideas on what to do for yours. I made the makeup organizeIf you have any questions please comment below with them.