Hey Mamas, I’m back with a kid ootd! Since dressing up Jamal is something I truly enjoy, I decided to make kid ootds a regular here on GetItTagetherMama. I have also decided that I was going to attempt to spend less money on his clothes, since he grows like a giant, and try to shop smart. This complete ootd only cost me $30 and the items were all bought at different times. I hope you mamas enjoy!!!!



Jamal’s Outfit:

Shirt: TJ Max $9.99

Jeans: Target $3.00 on clearance

Sandals: Old Navy $10.17 (Original price $16.94 with 40% off)

Chain: Michaels $3.00 (Chain 2.99 Cross Pendant 2.99 They had a 50% off jewelry)

Jamal did have a real gold chain that he yanked off and broke, after then I decided to hold off on expensive jewelry until he gets a little bit older.