Mom Purse Essentials

Mom Purse Essentials

Mamas, how many times have you been out with your toddler and realized that you were super under prepared for the day. I can’t tell you how many times I went in my purse for a tissue for a runny nose or band aid for a booboo and came up empty handed. Honestly, not one of my proudest mommy moments. So on my journey of Getting It Tagether, I decided that my purse needed a mommy makeover. My goal is to keep my purse clean, organized and always stocked with the essentials. Now on to the essentials:

First Aid Kit

We all know that toddlers are busy and get into EVERYTHING and unfortunately sometimes they get hurt. A stocked first aid kit is a must have for every mom purse. Mines includes:

Bandaids: for Boo boos

Neosporin: for scrapes and cuts

Alcohol Swabs: to clean boo boos

Benadryl Cream: for bug bites and itchiness

Advil: for mom

Tissue: for runny noses

Mom’s Makeup Bag

I hate having to dig through my purse to find what I’m looking for, so I decided to create my own personal mom kit. In my makeup bag, I keep all of my personal items like:

1.)Tampons and liners: for obvious reasons

2.) Lotion: Nobody likes an ashy mom or toddler

3.) Tide Pen: because toddlers

4.) Scrunchies and Bobby Pins: for hair emergencies

6.)Makeup Items: for a quick touch up


While I wish I could keep everything in a little bag, that isn’t realistic. Things that you can find loose in my purse are:

1.) Change of Clothes: because toddlers have accidents

2.) Pens: You will always need a few in your purse

3.) Wipes: Because sticky hands

4.) Hand Sanitizer: To keep the germs away

4.) Sunglasses: Obvious reasons

5.) Toddler Entertainment: to avoid boredom tantrums

6.)Snacks: for hungry toddlers