DIY Easter Pals

Working together on crafts with my family is one of my favorite ways to bond with them, especially during holidays. Since Easter is coming up I decided to look up some Easter craft ideas to do with my toddler. I ran across this very cute DIY Easter Pals from

Things you’ll need: Light Bulbs, Paint, Paint Brushes, Tin Pail Wedding Favors, Paper Shreds or Easter Grass, Googly Eyes, Feathers, Chenille Stems, Foam Craft Sheets, Plastic Easter Eggs, Glue, Scissors, Sharpie


1.) Paint your entire bulb; you will have to paint a few coats to cover it completely. I recommend getting the matte light bulbs over the glossy ones, we had the glossy ones and it was a bit difficult to paint. I always suggest buying washable paint so you can wash off your little ones clothing items easily.

2.) While the light bulbs are drying, I began prepping the bunny and chicks face.

Bunny: For the ears I cut out a teardrop from white cardstock(didn’t have white craft foam) and a smaller teardrop from the pink craft foam and glued them together to make the ears. I used some of the left over pink craft foam to cut out a small heart for the bunny’s nose.

To make the bunny’s hat I took a full sheet of pink foam paper and placed it over the top half an Easter egg. I took my pipe cleaner and twisted it around the foam craft to hold in place and tied it into a bow. Take your scissors and cut off some of your foam craft. I cut my foam craft in a curvy pattern so the hat wouldn’t be a straight cut.

Chick: I used orange craft foam to cut out a small diamond shape for the chick’s nose. I laid out the chicks eyes and feathers.

I also used this time to stuff my tin pail’s with the Easter grass.

3.) After you are finishing setting up the bunny and chick’s face, you may began gluing everything on. You can use regular glue but I found that hot glue works better. I added a bit of glue at the bottom of the light bulb and glued some of the Easter grass to the bottom. Use a sharpie to draw on the bunny’s face. And TA-DA, cute little Easter pals.