DIY Red Heart Shirt

Things you will need:

White T-shirt Fabric Paint Paint brush Heart Stencil Cardboard

I first started off by cutting an empty box of cereal in half to use as my cardboard. I used one side to slide inside of my shirt so the paint wouldn’t bleed through. I used the other half of my cardboard as a paint palette. I made my own heart stencil by taking a heart cut out and tracing it on card stock. Then I cut the heart out of my card stock , therefore creating a stencil.

I placed my heart stencil over my shirt and taped it down so when I began painting it wouldn’t slide and excess paint wouldn’t get on the shirt. Once my stencil was secure I took my sponge brush and dabbed it gently until the heart was filled with paint. I gave it a few minutes to air dry and went back and dabbed a second coat of paint into the heart.

Different fabric paint comes with its own set of instructions for its drying process, so make sure to read the back of your bottle. My paint only required 4 hours of air drying for it to set on the shirt. After 72 hours have passed you can wash your shirt.

****This DIY project cost me a little more than $10. My white shirt, fabric paint and sponge brush were all purchased from Hobby Lobby for $9.03. My heart cutout came from the Dollar Tree for $1.

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