Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your toddler

Valentine’s Day is the day that couples come together to celebrate and honor their love. But what happens when a couple grows from a duo to a trio or maybe even a quartet? Suddenly Valentine’s Day is no longer just about planning that romantic getaway with dear husband. While you should still plan some alone time to celebrate your love with your significant other, you’ll probably also want to plan something for the other very special (little) people in your life. Here are 5 fun things to do with your toddler this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Homemade Cards:

Valentine’s Day is all about showing the special people in your life that they are loved While fancy gifts are nice the best gifts are the ones that come from love; especially when it comes from the family’s cutest members. This year make your Valentine’s cards extra special by making them with your toddler. Check below for some Valentines Cards made by me and my toddler:

DIY Heart Shirt

Second on our list are DIY heart t-shirts for your toddlers. These shirts are super cute and can be paired with your toddler’s favorite jeans. Obviously making them yourself would be ideal, but including your toddler makes it that much more fun. To find step by step directions on how to make this shirt click here:http://getittagethermama.com/index.php/2017/02/13/diy-red-heart-shirt/

Valentines Treats

Hobby Lobby Heart Cookie Cutter Set $3.49

What is Valentine’s Day without the tons of delicious treats? This year instead of buying them, head over to your kitchen and make them with your little ones. You can bake a cake, and let your toddler mix the ingredients together or put the icing on top. You can also make heart shaped cookies, and let your toddler roll the dough. Whatever you decide to make your toddler will love helping you create it.

Valentines Photo shoot:

Holidays are special and a very important time to create memories. What better way to capture and save those memories than pictures. You can go to your local dollar store and grab tons of Valentine theme props to include in your pictures. Other than that, all you need is  your camera (or phone), and your toddler to create some fun Valentine’s photos.

Throw a Valentines party

Last but defiantly not least, throw a Valentine party at home. Invite over your family members or just your toddler’s favorite stuffed animals. You and your toddler can make all of the decorations and serve those delicious heart shaped cookies you’ve made together.